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Ultimate Large Cleaning Kit Bundle

Sale price$89.99

32 oz Bottle & Polishing Cloth

Clean and protect any kind of Metal and Stone including Diamond Pearls and Opals Including Costume Jewelry

100% Non-toxic Biodegradable: Our solution contains absolutely no ammonia or harsh chemicals. It is specially formulated to deep clean without abrasive chemicals.

Natural Multipurpose Cleaner Anti-fog for glasses, anti-fog for sun-glasses, anti-fog for auto windshield boat windshield, Ski Mask anti-fog Scuba Mask ani-fog - Cleans and Protects TV- Computer -Tablet screens - Plasma - LED- LCD screens

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Try Sparklean for yourself & then decide. If you don't love Sparklean, let us know and receive a full, no questions asked refund. We are a small family owned business that stands by your happiness!

Made in Usa

SIZE  32oz - Polishing Cloth
All Purpose Polishing Cloth
Made with Real Lemon Oil
Sparklean Polishing Cloth you can remove:
  • Tarnish on Metals
  • Surface scratches on metals
  • Water Marks Ink on furniture
  • Verdigris on antiques
  • Scuff marks on floors
  • Rust corrosion on metals
  • Burn Marks on appliances
  • Rust on enamel and porcelain
  • Paint spots on metals/glass
  • Watermarks on granite/marble
  • Road film on glass/metal
  • Rosin from violins
Ultimate Large Cleaning Kit Bundle
Ultimate Large Cleaning Kit Bundle Sale price$89.99