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The Ultimate

Jewelry Cleaning Solution

Clean & Protect any Stone - Metal & Glass EST 2002

Clean & Polish Any Metal

Clean & Shine Any Stone

Clean & Protect

Made In The USA

Unleash the Radiance of Your Jewelry!

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our solution benefits

Prevent fog & fingerprints on eye glasses

Safe for all jewelry

Proven safe & effective

100% non toxic & biodegradable

Our Polishing Cloth Benefits

Remove superficial scratches on any metal

Safe for all jewelry

Made with real lemon oil

Use the cloth for up to 1 year!

Our Polishing Cream

A fine polish that protects

Safe on most metals

Versatile and easy to use

Zero Harsh chemicals

Sparklean- Sparkbrush

If you love wearing watches, you know they can get dirty from time to time due to sweat and everyday dirt and grime. But getting them clean can be challenging and expensive when you don’t have the time or extra money to take them to a jewelry store.


How To Use


Watch the following video for a full tutorial on how to use Sparklean Cloth and Sparklean natural spray cleaner.


feedback from our lovely customers

Great from the beginning

It lasts forever I don’t but it often but I’ve used this since they started years ago and it’s always the same reliable cleaner. Safe, Harmless except to staining. works great. One of those things every great house should have Jewelry, screens, and surface looks it’s best.

George S.

Amazing product!

This is the type of business we all should support, family-owned, focused on the customer and the quality of the product. This cleaner worked great for my white gold/diamond engagement ring and wessing band. My ring was gray-ish looking and the diamond had lots of dirt residue and it looks better that ever!


Very satisfied

It is a wonderful product



It cleans better than any jewelry cleaner I have ever used.

Gayle A.

It is a Great product!!

It's absolutely Excellent!!!

Cedric W.

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