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Product Features 

• Professional Watch Cleaning Brush – Designed with soft, ultra-fine bristles this fast-spinning watch cleaner helps remove dirt and grime from the links, bezel, watch face, and even encrusted gems or diamonds to keep it looking clean and new.

• Ultra-Soft Detailing Bristles – The Sparklean watch cleaning machine was crafted with premium bristles that are non-abrasive and gentle on precious metals like stainless-steel, gold, platinum, bronze, carbon fiber, and other materials. 

• Quick Handheld Cleaning Tool – Easy to use with a single hand our watch cleaning tools are lightweight, ergonomic, and make it easy to clean your smart or analog watch, or luxury timepiece, with enhanced details and care like you took it to a pro.

• Keep Watches Looking New – Using our watch cleaner machine on your watch regularly can help keep the metal parts looking shiny and vibrant and the links, face, and gems or detailing clean and new for a beautiful, showroom ready finish.

• Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Materials – Here at Sparklean we’re doing all we can to create products that offer long-term, sustainable support that are good for you, the environment, and future generations for quality you can truly count on.

SparkBrush Soft-Bristle Gentle on All Metals, Jewelry, & Watches

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Introducing the Sparklean Ultimate SparkBrush Watch Cleaner, your at-home solution for professional-grade watch cleaning. Crafted with ultra-fine bristles, it effortlessly removes dirt and grime from stainless steel, diamonds, and band links, ensuring your timepiece maintains its pristine appearance. Lightweight and ergonomic, this eco-friendly tool is designed for ease of use, providing a deep clean without the hassle or expense of professional services.

Step 1

Rub The Metal On The Cloth To Remove The Scratches Oxidation Or Tarnish.

Step 2

Remove The Oil From The Metal With A Regular Paper Towel.

Step 3

Remove The Oil From The Metal With A Regular Paper Towel.

Step 4

Rinse It With Water.

Natural Jewelry and Glass Cleaner (16 fl. oz.)Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, and Ammonia FreeGentle on Delicate Metal or Gemstone SurfacesDries Clear with No Sticky ResidueSafe on Costume Jewelry, Glass, and ScreensProudly Made in the USA


Ultimate Cleaning Kit Bundle

Ultimate Cleaning Kit Bundle


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Expanded Jewelry Cleaning

Along With Traditional Smart Or Analog Watches This Watch Detailer Can Also Be Used On Other Standard Jewelry Including Earrings, Thick Necklaces, Bracelets, Wedding Rings Or Bands, And More. Make Sure To They’re Held Firm Prior To Operation To Prevent Necklaces Or Materials From Tangling In The Brush Head.


Wet or Dry Cleaning Process

The Fast-Spinning, Ultra-Soft Cleaning Brush Can Be Used As A Standalone Cleaning System For Watches Or Used To Enhance Deep-Cleaning Liquid Solutions. The Smooth, Surface Safe Brushes Help Pull Away Dirt And Grime Naturally And Dry Quickly After Use To Prevent Odors Or Brush Stiffness.



Real Reviews

I used to take my watches to the jeweler to get the cleaned, but now i have been using sparklean for the last 2 years. since my first purchased i have been hooked!! smells great and love how my watches look so shinny specially my gold watch. thanks again for the amazing product and service !

— Taisha P

Excellent. I have used it on my Rolex and it came out amazing I love this product and recommended it to all my friends all on jewellery and Rolexes easy and simple to use press the button brush make foam and rinse. Amazing results

Randy T.